Is Medical Assistant School The Right Choice? How To Figure Out If You Should Attend

Posted on: 3 January 2020

Are you having some thoughts about attending a medical assistant school? If you have heard others talk about it and it has caused you to feel a bit more interested in going back to school to become a medical assistant yourself, you will need to know what this type of job entails before deciding if this is the right thing for you to pursue. You can make good money and work with the public as a medical assistant, but it needs to be something you are passionate about doing.

Do You Want to Have a Job in the Medical Field?

Before you attend medical assistant school, make sure that you want to work in the medical field. The medical field is a growing field with plenty of jobs available for those who have earned a certificate or degree after attending medical assistant programs. You may appreciate having a career with endless job opportunities where you can work around plenty of other people, especially if you enjoy social interactions with others.

Are You Willing to Complete Tasks Required of Medical Assistants?

You should know exactly what types of tasks are typically required of medical assistants before attending a school to become one. You may work in a lot of different environments, including a hospital, medical practitioner's office, or even a pediatrician's office where you would get to work with children. No matter which patients come into the office, the tasks that you would be responsible for are often the same and may include the following:

  • Helping patients schedule appointments or reschedule appointments
  • Making note of concerns patients have when calling into the office
  • Checking the blood pressure and documenting it in each patient's medical chart
  • Collecting blood samples to send to the lab
  • Walking patients from the waiting room to the office

While these are some of the general tasks that medical assistants handle each day, there are other tasks that you may be responsible for based on your place of employment. As long as these are the kinds of tasks that you would feel comfortable handling, becoming a medical assistant would be a great decision for you.

When you are passionate about caring for others and you like the thought of working in a medical environment, whether you work with elderly patients, children, or in between, you should think about attending a medical assistant program to earn a degree and then land a job in the field that allows you to utilize all the new skills you have gained from attending the program.

For more information, look into participating in a medical assistant program.